Signal no. 1 in some parts of Northern Luzon due to the Siony.

There is no sign of a storm. 1 in some parts of Northern Luzon due to the Siony.

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Manila... storm signal no. 1 rose early Wednesday over parts of northern Luzon in anticipation of the expected approach of Tropical Storm Siony, according to the State Meteorological Office.

The last time the 19th storm in the country was estimated at 700 kilometers east of Basco, Batana at 4 am, the maximum wind speed near the center - 85 km per hour, and gust - up to 105 km / h, reported PAGASA.

There is no warning sign of a tropical cyclone. 1 rises above the following areas where winds of 30-60 km / h can tear off the roofs of the huts made of nip and gear, damaging rice crops and banana plants:

- the northeastern part of the Cagayan continent (Santa Ana, Gonzaga)
- the eastern part of Babuyan Islands (Balintang Island, Babuyan Island, Didicas Island and Camiguin Island, including the surrounding islets)

Siony is moving slowly in the southwest and PAGASA predicts that it will move "slowly or stay almost still" for the next 12 hours, after which it will head west or west-northwest toward the Straits of Luzon and the northern tip of Luzon.

In the northeast and at the Siony watering hole, there will be light and moderate light with occasional heavy rains over Aurora, Quezon, Camarines North, Camarines South, Catanduanes and the eastern parts of Cagayan and Isabela.

PAGASA has warned that flooding and landslides caused by rain may occur during heavy or prolonged rains, especially in areas that are highly exposed to these hazards and/or in areas that have previously experienced significant rainfall from previous storms.


signal 1 in some parts of Northern Luzon due to the Siony.

image credits to PAG-ASA