The best way to make money as a student

As a student, you know very well that money can be scarce. Tuition, rent, books, and a few nights with friends. It may soon run

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If you are looking for ways to earn extra money while you are studying, you may opt for a traditional job, but it may not pay very well and it may also take up too much of your valuable study time. What other options are available?

With courses and essays to write, the ideal opportunities to earn money are the ones that suit your studies - you don't want to do something that takes up too many hours of your time every day! Here are some options to consider...

Trading the stock market
One way to fund your student bank account is to trade stocks online. It's pretty easy to understand, you're simply looking for companies whose shares are well priced, and you think they will go up in the future.

If you buy them and they do, you make money, but of course your investment is at risk since stocks can go down as well as up. A good tip: use a subscription-based stock market analysis service to help you find the best stocks to trade quickly and keep up to date with the latest financial news.

Online surveys
Another interesting idea for students is to do online surveys. Although they don't pay a lot for the survey, online businesses have a rapidly accumulating burden. Even better, they are fairly quick to complete and can be done anywhere you have free time, via a laptop or cell phone. Check out the experts' guide to saving money on the most profitable online survey sites.

Site Reviews
Serving users online is now a major challenge for all companies. This has led to the emergence of popular test sites such as UserTesting. Simply register with one of these companies to receive mobile applications or websites to test. Most reviews take only about 15 minutes, are well paid and are simple - just give your opinion on the site while you're viewing it.

Online Videos
Anyone with a smartphone can be a content creator today and, as such, earn money by watching the videos they share. Social media users can make a lot of money simply by realizing the value of the content they are already creating and sharing online.

Contrary to popular belief, earning money from digital content does not necessarily require spending countless hours blogging or becoming an online personality. While YouTube's affiliate program requires creators to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months to begin monetizing their content, other video platforms have emerged that are specifically designed to help individual creators maximize their video revenue.

By sharing your content on distribution platforms that strive to find your audience, your video will be available to publishers who may decide to put it on their websites, generating views of your video and revenue for you in the process.

If you need additional funding, hopefully the ideas above will help you do so. Simple, quick and easy to implement, they should all fit into your studios and show that the real money making opportunities are online right now.