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Moving legends: Bang Bang , why some are addicted?

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bang is an exciting mobile online game that is classified as MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). It currently has over 100 million downloads and a nearly five-star rating from 12 million Google Play users. With 68 heroes to choose from, players will find it hard to get bored in this game.

The format of Mobile Legends follows the tradition of the first computer game MOBA PC DOTA (Ancient Protect), but is less complex to have a more mobile approach. It is one of those games that made the dream of most MOBA players come true with a mobile version that can be easily played almost anywhere.

Popularity in the Philippines
What has Mobile Legends done: does the Bang Bang stand out?

Game Format
Moving legends: Bang Bang contests
The ethics of the game
Popularity in the Philippines
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bang is a big hit here in the Philippines. Whether you are queving at the bank, waiting your turn at the hospital or just walking down the street (especially in smoking areas), there is a good chance that you will see someone playing this game on their cell phone.

Shanghai Moonton, the creator of the game, discovered that a large number of Filipinos playing Mobile Legends even created a Filipino game character based on our national hero Lapu-Lapu. The hero is surprisingly similar to the image of Lapu-Lapu in Mactan Temple, and his weapon looks like a pair of campers.

Lapu-Lapu in Moving Legends: Bang Bang
A game character based on our national hero: Paw-Paw.
Local competitions were organized for this mobile game, such as the recent Crazy Legends from March 11 to April 8 last year. It was a social event where ten popular Philippine mobile legend banners were presented. Famous players participated in this event: Alodia Gociengfyao, Akosi Dogi, Le Josette, Moymoy Palaboy, MRVii Gaming, SolidMB, Yasumeow, Yakou, YuriGaming and Z4pnu.
What has Mobile Legends done: does Bang Bang stand out?
Social networks. This is the most ironic part because Mobile Legends was created by a company based in Shanghai. For those who don't know yet, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks are blocked in China, except in Macao and Hong Kong. Despite this, they managed to take advantage of the influence of social networks, which increased the popularity of the game. Personally, I receive many shared messages from Mobile Legends in my feed.

You can share your in-game milestones on Facebook or Instagram.
Flexibility. Unlike some Google Play games that have huge hardware requirements, this game is compatible with most mid-level phones and tablets. Users of high-end phone models can also enjoy the game with the highest quality, simply by adjusting the game's graphic settings.

Mobile Legend Rating System
Classifications in Moving Legends: Explosion
Classification system. The rating model of this game gives players a sense of purpose, which will keep them in the game until the highest rank is reached. For the most passionate and professional players, they can continue to get stars as soon as they reach the top to show their greatest mastery in the league. The rank of the players is shown in the categories Global, Local and Friends.

Indonesia dominates in the category of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Explosion
Most of the protagonists are from Indonesia
Game format
Unlike the old MOBAs, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Bang has different game modes on the most popular 5v5 three-way map.

CLASSIC is the original MOBA format for a 5v5 three-way map. The first team to destroy an enemy base wins.

RANK - Exactly the same as CLASSIC, but the player gets stars and ranks (WARRIOR, ELITE, MASTER, GRAND MASTER, EPIC, LEGEND and MYTHICS).

BRAWL has the same format as CLASSIC, but with a single track for quick combat. Players start with 3 refresher training points.

SURVIVAL - There are no turrets or bases in this mode, but only three heroes in a team. It has the game Hungry Style eliminating all the enemies of the map to leave as winner.

RAVAGE (Beta) - This is a shorter game mode compared to BRAWL. Two robots, V.E.N.O.M. and S.A.B.E.R., fight each other instead of the henchmen. The first team to receive 15 aquamarines and hold them for 20 seconds wins.

Moving legends: Bang Bang Challenge
With the growing popularity of computer and mobile games MOBA, competitions and events for them are becoming more frequent. Winners also receive a major prize. Even the International Olympic Committee is considering including electronic sports in the Olympic Games.

Moving legends: Bang Bang contests
With the growing popularity of computer and mobile games MOBA, competitions and events for them are becoming more frequent. Winners also receive a major prize. Even the International Olympic Committee is considering including electronic sports in the Olympic Games.

MLBB Southeast Asia Cup
The biggest news for Mobile Legends is that it will be the first e-sport to be included in the SEA Games in 2019. Although the game will be launched in 2016, there are no signs that the popularity of the game will decrease in the near future.

Balmond spins an axe in Mobile Legends.
The Mobile Legends team faces

The ethics of the game
Don't get into the trash talk. When someone starts throwing out foul language, resist the temptation to throw out even more dirt. Instead, encourage your peers and do your best to increase your chances of winning if some of them are newcomers. Remember that you too were once a rookie. It is also not good for young people to see the exchange of inappropriate language.

Sticking to age limits. If you are a parent, make sure your child is playing an age-appropriate game. This game is only for players 12 and older. The moment we saw our child playing this game, we immediately stopped him. We have a relative who dropped out of school because of too many MOBA games.

You are never too old for this game.
Play it in moderation. The Filipino TV show KMJS recently showed a cell phone player who missed lunch because of too many games. Unfortunately, he became seriously ill because of that. Although it's a fun game, make sure you don't lose your most basic needs because of it.

Choose your battles wisely. Make sure that your battle in the virtual world does not have a negative impact on your battle in the real world. If there are certain opportunities that will help you grow as a student or advance as an employee, such as boot camps, certificates and seminars, it's best to start limiting your MOBA time so you can focus more on what will positively affect your life in the long run. When learning a new skill or starting a business, you can do many productive things by playing this game in moderation.

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