Mobile Legends Heroes Class Guide: 6 classes to choose from:

Each of the Mobile Legends Hero classes has its own strengths and weaknesses, which complement and supplement the other classes. No single hero is so complete that they can do everything by themselves, which emphasizes the importance of teamwork and balanced composition in the game.Now let's dive into each of the Mobile Legends Hero classes.

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There are 6 different kinds of mobile legendary heroes, namely Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Marksman, mage and Support. Each hero will be classified in at least one of these classes, while there are also hybrid heroes belonging to two classes. These classes are very useful for new players to play the hero according to their statistics. However, it is quite normal not to stick to the class label provided by the developers when playing the hero.


A good tank is a real MVP game. Tanks are usually close combat heroes with a high health point (HP), defense or skills that allow them to regenerate HP or support in team battles. They act as a front line, absorbing enemy damage and delivering Crowd Control (CC) to enemies in team battles, while protecting the Attack Damage Charge (ADC) or the marker to do their thing from behind.

Each tank is unique, which requires the player to play each tank differently. Almost all tanks specialize in SS to establish enemies in team battles. Good setters are Atlas, Hufra and Tiger. In addition, we have Lolita, which opposes the projectile, Baxia with its anti-therapy passivity, Uranus with incredible regeneration capabilities, and several other useful tanks. Players should be able to adapt to different styles of play, according to what their tank is good at.

Tips for playing "Tank in Mobile Legends".

1. Start by helping Marksman to get the red buff.
At the beginning of the game, if you accompany your shooter to take the red buffer, go to the bush near the tower  and wait with your shooter in case your opponent wants to cut the wave of minions. If you are lucky, your team can get the first blood. Return to your favorite when the minions are within range of the tower.

2. Avoid one last random hit from the monster's buffer.
By helping your teammates to let go, you can go out and do other things when only one health bar is left, and let your teammates finish it themselves. Also, to prevent you from hitting a fan one last time, it's more efficient, since you don't get gold and experience (if you bought a mask) anyway. If your teammate has already reached level 5 or 6, you don't need to suffer the monster's damage, since they can already deal with these monsters at this level.

3: Provide vision to your teammates while they are wandering
The vision is important to anticipate the movement of the enemies. Check the nearby bushes, instead of clearing the waves from the minions, camp for a while when the enemies are not close enough to warn your teammate if an enemy approaches. By doing so, your teammate can avoid injury and retreat safely.

4. Knowing when to start a team fight
Never start or participate in an equipment fight when there is no damaged distributor nearby. Leave immediately and possibly hit and hug the tower while waiting for your teammates. Tanks do very little damage and cannot kill if there are no teammates. The general rule is to initiate a team fight; make sure you have the same or fewer enemies as your nearby teammates. If so, see if your team is led by the gold and levels of your opponent's heroes. If they are led by a lot of gold, or most of their levels are higher than those of their teammates, it is better not to force the team to fight.

5. Help your teammates, except to carry as well.
Do you know if you should be with the bearer all the time? If all the enemies are visible at least, or if you confirm that your team can carry the farms peacefully without dying, you should wander around and help the other teammates. Keep checking the bush and wander through the vision. There is no point in defending your carrier from the minions.

If you are looking for a universal class that can handle the situation and get a good deal of damage, then the Fighting Heroes are for you. Fighters are normally used, but are not limited to those who are offline or in solitary. This is a role that protects and pushes the strip (usually from above, sometimes from below depending on the rotation) alone, and sometimes receives help from the Ensign. They have been chosen for this role because they can easily clear the waves and, at the same time, possess skills that can give them protection or restore health that they can only maintain in the strip.

Some famous wrestlers that are often used as out of planes are Freya, Jouhead, Silvanna and Chow. They are good at having several things in common, such as the ability to inflict great damage with their skills, having the ability to generate a shield, and the ability to blink for safe escape in case something goes wrong. However, they are not as desirable as a tank, or as deadly as a shooter.

Tips for the "Fighter in Mobile Legends" game.

1. Stealing the enemy's jungle is scary
In addition to killing the mignon waves and the jungle crawlers in your area, you must also kill or steal the jungle from the enemy crawlers. An area that must actively look at the enemy's red buffalo area. This will increase your farm, but more importantly it will negate the enemy farm.

2. Play carefully, especially when facing several enemies.
It is clear that sometimes you will have to face several enemies in an alley. If you think you can't find them, play carefully, hug the tower and free the minions. Don't engage in a battle you won't win. At the same time, don't overdo it. Usually, while you are fighting someone in the lane, your teammates will go there to help. If you die, no one can defend the tower.

3. Clean up the minions in the center lane when you can
If you're good at cleaning up the waves and killing the worms in the jungle, you should go downtown to help your better half when they're in a team fight. Or, when your midshipman turns all the way, you should go to the center lane to kill the minions. Killing a wave of minions can give you a lot of gold.

4. Always protect your lane and don't go too far.
Never go down if you are defending from above, because you will be too far from the lane you are defending. A smart enemy will push the lane, and by the time you get there you will have lost a tower. Your main task is to protect and push from above. Try not to get into the lower lane. Even when all the enemies are fighting in the lower lane, this is free real estate for you. This is the best chance to destroy the upper tower.

5. Avoid frequent recalling to base often
Get a foothold that can give you vital stability as soon as possible. It is important that you don't have to think often, kill more minions and protect the tower.

Mechanically sophisticated, killers are heroes who inflict blast damage on the enemy, and are often responsible for surprises to the enemy by killing the enemy's slimy heroes at the bottom. Most killers are difficult to master, but when you do it right, nothing can stop you. Despite the high damage, they are very weak and risky in the game.

Assassins' style of play depends a lot on the hero you are playing. Fanny and Ling are highly mobile assassins, who can travel on the map better than others. Assassins, like Gusion and Lancelot, require a lot of practice to perform their combos to kill and escape. A good assassin player requires a high level of knowledge of the map to be effective and participate in the nearby team battles.

Tips for playing the Mobile Legend Assassin.

1. Wait for the right moment to participate in team battles.
Time is of the essence when playing a hit man. You must get in and out of team battles at the right time. Never start a team fight, let your tank do it, and be careful of the enemy's skills. It is better to start team battles when the enemies have used their skills, especially CC. Killers are extremely swampy and useless when you get into trouble. It's good to get into team battles later, because your task is not to start, but to finish.

2. Be an active ganker
Be an active bandit to get more gold. Target the weakest heroes first, because they are usually damage dealers. However, before ganking think and decide if you can get out of the gang alive. Compare your gold with your level and your target. Don't kill a hero and die.

3. Always aim manually and predict your opponent's movement.
This applies to all heroes, but is extremely important for killers. Use your hand when using your skills. Most skills can hit minions instead of the hero you are aiming at, but skills cannot hit the enemy when he moves. So it is very important to move, use Hero Lock Mode or predict the movement of the enemy when a hitman is playing.

4. Take a blue fan.
Try talking to another intermediary to get a blue fan. It is very important that assassins have a lover to have CDR and use less mana as you can start banditry early. Personally I prefer to have a red Assassin fan as well if Assassin is proven to be very good. Assassins can also become carriers of the game.

5. Push separately to win
In desperate times, when you feel your team has no hope of winning, you may be the best candidate to share the thrust. Besides breaking the enemy's lineup and forcing them to defend their tower, it will give your team time on the farm and perhaps make an epic comeback. Sometimes the enemy will like to attack your towers too much until they forget to defend theirs, which will give you an easy victory.

Of all the mobile classes of legendary heroes, this is the most powerful because of its load capacity, the marker heroes are damage distributors in team battles, in turn, they are often a priority target for enemies. Marksman is a little weak in the early game, a fanatic, and the subject depends on him, but shines in the late game in the right hands. With low mobility and poor health, Marksman often relies on his main attacks to kill.

Leslie, a popular shooter for beginners.
Carrie and Claude markers, they often choose to play funnel strategy to get the farm quickly and snowball games. Some snipers are difficult to use, such as Wanwan, who must hit the enemy's weakness before using the last one, and Kimmy with a different attack mechanic. Most shooters are easy to learn, but more importantly, they are easy to make decisions in the game. If your teammates are too dependent on you, if you are dead, it can cost you the game.

Tips for the game from Markman in Mobile Legends.
1. Don't die early, play safe.

Especially in the early days, play carefully. Don't die when you are growing or trying to kill. Marksman is an early game a bit weak, so if you are behind on the farm, it is very difficult to reach. You don't have to kill, it's just a bonus for Marksman's early play. Disturbing the enemy, and even if they retreat, is a victory for you because you can peacefully farm in a minute, and the enemy won't get the gold from the waves of the minions.

2. Watch your location.
Everyone knows that positioning is very important to the shooter. Always stay behind the tank and keep moving in an area that is not crowded in team battles. Targets are ringing, but if the distance between you and any other enemy hero closes, do not approach. If the enemy is chasing you, when you move backwards to maintain the distance, you can make them fly with an automatic flight.

3. Beware of your enemies.
Hide in the bushes or get away from the crowd before a team fight. Assess the situation (but not too long) and see any enemies that may come from behind (especially assassins). While you can see most enemies at a minimum, it is safe to join in team battles and at the same time be careful about your location. If there is someone coming from behind, kill them first.

4. Push, take targets, not just kill.
Some shooters like to kill, but you are actually more effective at pushing and taking targets. If the enemy left the strip unattended, deal as much damage to the tower as possible. What happens? If there is a team fight nearby, ask yourself, "Are my teammates okay? If I go there now, what will happen?" Even if they're okay, keep pushing. If they are not feeling well and you can keep them safe, go and join the fighting team. In case they are not well and die by the time you get there, keep pushing. That goes for the other roles.

A mage is the class most newcomers start with because they are relatively easy to use. They are experienced addicted heroes who deal massive magical damage, or drop a CC on enemies and are usually independent of basic attacks. With little strength and defense, mages need to rely on team battles to use their skills to maximize their potential.

Cadita, a hero with great mobility to be a mage.
In addition to blast damage and DCs, highly mobile mages like Harith can annoy enemies in team battles. There are also close-combat mages like Guinevere and Esmeralda, who can irritate enemies with CCs and inflict heavy damage. Some mages, such as Valir and Aurora, are also known as CC support.

Tips for playing "Mages in Mobile Legends
1. The pressure of the enemy in the early game.
Be aggressive at the beginning of the game, pushing the enemies with your skills. A mage does a lot of damage even in the first game. If you lower your HP enough to remember, he will take away your farm because you won't get gold from the waves of the minions. Also, it is your responsibility to prevent the enemy's farm by stealing their ants or attacking them when they take the fan. Keep in mind, don't die by disturbing them.

2. Don't leave your offlanner alone.
If you are a middleman, help your offlanner, if you have the chance. Only Laner faces two or more enemies protecting the tower. You have to help them and maybe get a kill or two. If you're okay, help the tanker and the shooter.

3. The priority of the defense of the average tower
Protect the intermediate towers at all costs, because it is the fastest way to reach the base. Losing a tower will create a large gap in the map, so it is important to prioritize its defense rather than protecting the towers in other lanes. As most mage start in the center lane, it is vital to protect it, especially after a 3 minute mark. The towers become more damaged after 3 minutes.

4. If possible, no solo on the lane.
As an evil hero, mages are not advised to go it alone. Always get help from the tank or support, because without someone fighting or getting hurt for you, it only takes 3 or 4 enemy skills to knock you down. In team battles, stay behind to protect yourself from tanks and fighters. Beware of assassins who may come from behind.

Support .

Behind each MVP carrier is the support that runs. A role that is less chosen by the players but is one of the backbones of the team. Supporting Heroes are those who help their teammates support them in team battles by healing, giving a shield, or landing a CC on the enemy so they can do their job more easily. Under damage and weak, support is not expected to damage the tank or certain death, but rather as invisible hands that lead their team to victory.

Estes, support with incredible healing power.
The role of support varies, it is not limited to healing as Raphaela and Estes. There is also a Minotaur tank that can heal SS allies and enemies over a large area of action (AoE). Lolita and Angela, who give shields to their companions, and the bird of Kai, who crushes the enemies into oblivion. Playing the supporting heroes is fun and can be scary if played correctly.

Tips for the Support game in Mobile Legends.
1) Be aggressive in the initial game.
During the opening game, get the mana collar and hit the enemies as much as you can if you have skills like Raphaela or Angela

1. Be very aggressive, make the opponent retreat in the opening game and your team can get the first blood if you are lucky.

2 It is normal to die sometimes protecting your teammates.
Sometimes it is necessary to make sacrifices. If you are in a place where you can die or save your important partner, then dying is not a bad idea. The key word is important. If the teammate does not have significant influence, if he or she dies, then saving himself or herself is the best idea. It also works the other way around. If you can kill the enemy's goalie, but you die in the process, it's not a bad deal.

3. Support the best player on your team.
There is a misconception that supports should always follow and protect the arrow. In fact, for support, it is better to follow the best teammate or the one with the most kills on the team, regardless of whether he is a fighter or a killer. You support to get the most kills and put your team on top, not just your shooter.

4. Chasing enemies when teammates take the targets...
In addition to the tank, the support should give vision to the teammates when taking the targets (turtle or sir). Watch the territory and warn the allies about the approaching enemies and try to scare them off so as not to steal the targets. In any case, compared to other teammates, you will not cause much damage to your targets.

Final reflections on the mobile classes of legendary heroes
Here are all the general gameplay tips for each kind of legendary mobile hero. Even each hero of each class plays differently, the hints should be useful for most heroes. In conclusion, players should always remember that this game requires teamwork, being friendly to your fellow players, and the goal of the game is to destroy the base of the enemy, not to be defeated.