I hope people will appreciate staying home, mothers more so after a pandemic.

Mothers are heroes, goddesses, supernatural beings and anything else you can think of. We appreciate more, I hope you can see that now.

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Stay-at-home mothers are often dismissed as unproductive, as not contributing to society, and they couldn't be more wrong. They are often dismissed for being lazy and having what many perceive as a "relaxing lifestyle". Many people believe that stay-at-home moms lead a life filled with sleeping, watching TV, and playing in the park.

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, most stay-at-home moms don't sleep, are stressed out and completely exhausted. Stay-at-home moms are caught up in endless chaos and demands, and are forced to play more roles than most people realize. Dealing with the same tantrum after tantrum while cooking, cleaning and trying to meet the needs and demands of another little person is not an easy task.

Now that many other mothers are staying home and facing lifestyle changes as a result of the pandemic, I hope the role of a stay-at-home mom will be more appreciated and understood.

All work, all play
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The role of a housewife is to work and play hard. Moms try to juggle the busy schedules of children who get bored with their activities after only a few minutes. Busy moms are forced to create, set up and clean up every activity, and of course, they are the ones who have to generate these clever tricks and ideas that keep their kids busy in the first place.

One of the biggest myths about stay-at-home moms is the idea that somehow it's an easy lifestyle that involves playing all day. In fact, any housewife I know feels guilty about the little time she spends with her kids. Most mothers are forced to sit down for a few minutes each day to play with their children while they look at the clock, the boiling pot and the pile of bills to be paid.Pandemic


Photo by Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

It's sad that it took a pandemic for people to realize how difficult it is to have children at home all the time. It's not easy or "relaxing," and now that more and more mothers are quitting or having to work from home and their children are also staying home from school, there is a greater sense of gratitude.

Mothers who used to drop their children off at school or other forms of child care are now at home all day with their little ones, and are increasingly aware of the endless list of demands. Children need to eat or snack regularly, and as soon as one pile of food is put away, another one seems to pile up. The mess and the chores never end.

Children demand attention throughout the day, and if there is more than one child in the house, the added layer of fighting between them intensifies when they are in cramped rooms day after day. It seems that for much of society, the awareness of the critical role that stay at home mothers play is something they have had to experience first-hand. There is now a more widespread acceptance of this unpaid work, as working mothers are spending more and more time with their children due to the coronavirus outbreak.

So... Many... Noise

The underrated role of "the mother of the house" also turns out to be very noisy.  It is something that most people never take into consideration until they find themselves in that position. It is very difficult to maintain a clear train of thought when there are so many things going on at the same time. Children tend to talk non-stop, and with so much talking, the occasional temper tantrum, the sound of the TV and the endless fights, it's a lot. It's a far cry from the vague perception that so many people had before the pandemic ignited the chaos.


Spending even the slightest time alone for self-care is very difficult. Children often follow their mother into the bathroom and continue to talk there. There is simply no rest or escape from the demands of the day.

Now that mothers, fathers and other working caregivers are spending more and more time with children, the role of the stay-at-home mom is finally getting the respect it deserves. The work is endless, always demanding, and there is certainly no "walk in the park.

The selfless role played by housewives is much more appreciated by those who have been forced to spend more time with their children because of the pandemic. Very little attention has been paid to the many unpaid roles that housewives assume each day, but thanks to the awareness of the impact of the coronavirus, the critical and unappreciated role of housewives is becoming more respected.