Father's Day: Make your partner feel like he's doing a good job of being a father.

Here are some tips to make your dad feel like he's doing a good job as a father too; they love praise and reassurance.

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Father's Day is coming up, and it's not always highlighted in the same way as Mother's Day. Mothers are often perceived as the nurturing parent who does most of the childcare work, while fathers are seen as the person who plays games, throws kids in the air and has fun. While fathers are certainly fun and always up for a good fight, they are just as loving as the mother and deserve to be recognized for it. An unpleasant side effect of this is that the father may be left with the feeling that he is not a loving parent.

He may feel insecure about his ability to be a parent, rather than just having fun and telling jokes. According to Gift Lab, when he sees his mother doing a lot of "hard" work with the kids, it can make him feel like he's not good enough as a parent. He also may not show his affection as often as mom does, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care. Father's Day is a good time to remind him that he's a great dad who should be confident in his parenting abilities.

It starts with marriage.
Even though we're talking about fatherhood, you can start with marriage. According to Parents, it's important to remind your husband what a great partner he is. If a father wants to understand that he is a good father, he must first understand that he is a good husband, and that means recognizing him as a spouse. This will help boost his self-esteem and confidence.

It is common for the mother to leave her children with the father, and this can be vital to his mental health. This allows her to rest and take time for herself. However, it is also common for the mother to leave him with a list of instructions.

According to To Love Honor And Vacuum, leaving the kids with dad and not leaving him with a list shows very well that he is a great father. It shows that you trust him and his judgment. Don't worry, he may act differently than you, but that doesn't always mean he's wrong.

Ask for his advice
When someone asks for our advice or opinion, we feel supported and respected. All parents should be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and these conversations can be incredibly important when you are constantly learning from each other. If you notice your parent doing something better than you, ask him and learn from him. This will let him know that he is doing great and that you want to learn from him.

Let him plan his day.
Mothers spend a lot of time planning, so they may as well plan Father's Day. They plan activities and meals, and Dad knows Mom loves to do it, so he sits back and is content with whatever she chooses. However, on Father's Day, give Dad back control of the situation and let him plan the activities he wants to do with his kids. Again, this relates to the level of trust and allows him to create meaningful memories with his children and you.


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