Dog Facts: 7 things you may not know about your canine companion.

How well do you know your dog sitting on the couch? Why does he sometimes play funny? Does your dog do it on purpose or does he just try to make fun of you? Spending days with your dogs doesn't guarantee how well you know them or how weird they act. Let's try to find out some important facts about a dog and learn more about them than his wagging tail seems to indicate.

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 Fact 1: When your dog chases its tail, you may need the help of a veterinarian.

There are many reasons why dogs chase their tails: exercise, predator instinct, discomfort, or the presence of fleas. However, talking to your vet is the safest and most reliable way to find out the real reason your dog is still chasing its tail.

Dog Factor Number 2: Dogs' Sleep

Don't be surprised if you see your dog barking or wagging its paws while sleeping. He may have been chasing his loved one in the park while he was sleeping. Humans and dogs have the same SWS (slow sleep) as well as REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep. So let him experience a moment when he will enjoy the jolts while closing his eyes.

 Fact 3: They have night vision.

Do you know how dogs can move freely in the dark? How they got thieves to try to steal your valuables in the dark? Well, dogs have a tapetum lucidum that gives them the ability to see even in the dark.

Dog Factor 4: If you're being funny, go get your umbrella.

Although scientists haven't yet found the mystery, some believe that dogs can detect weather, especially when it's raining. So, the next time you find your dog acting funny, go get your umbrella right now. Besides, it pays to have everything ready at all costs.

Dog Factor 5: Dogs don't sweat like we do.

Dogs don't sweat everywhere. In fact, they only sweat on their pads. When you discover that their pads are sweaty, you get the feeling that the area is a little warm for them to reside in.

 Dog Fact #6: Your dog's nose is wet because it absorbs odor.

Popularly known as the captain of smell, dogs secrete mucus in their noses to help them recognize the smell (more accurately than we do). When their noses get wet, they lick them to taste the scent they've picked up with their mouths.

 Fact 7: They are the leaders of smell.

Dogs can smell with 100,000 times more accuracy than their owners. No wonder even the FBI and the peace departments of our local governments help them look for unwanted things in certain public places. It also explains why when you leave a cookie unattended, you have nothing but a container of food.

There are other things you don't understand about your pet, so it's not as easy to label them as behaving or kicking after urinating on your couch. Some of the weird things they do can be a lot of fun, but it's always ideal to visit the vet regularly.