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A spark plug. This athlete is a source of positive energy for teammates on and off the court. As a part-time player, he has a high concentration of attention and is able to come off the bench and provide the team with: aggressive service, strong service reception, intense defensive play and clear communication. Often very experienced, this player is also a back kick option that can be used both in the system and off it.

Stabilizer. This player is incredibly good at taking serves, and it is not uncommon for him to be the best or second best receiver on the team. To relieve pressure from Liberty players and outsiders on the serve, this player is able to cover about 40% of the court and ensure an accurate pass. It is not uncommon for this player to hit the other team's servers and be able to withstand the heavy pressure of the serve.

Passionate. A player who replaces a player who hits a pin and tries to keep the ball from falling to the ground. Working with Libero, they are involved in the entire rally, covering as much of the court as possible. Thanks to the strong IQ of the volleyball players and their smooth movement, it is not uncommon during a match for defenders to have more digs than Libero because of their ability to take care of the balls they hit or drop for Libero.

So why isn't this player Liebero? As you can see from the definition above, it is not because they cannot. Most of the time, the division between "Libero" and "Defensores" comes down to those non-material qualities (not a learned skill or something that can be seen) that the coach wants to see on the court.

Consistency. It's not enough to be a great part of the time, although no one can do all the games, but there is a big difference between a pin that is hit 3 times per set and a pin that is hit 3 times per game. And this is not just for the games! One of the difficulties of being a defensive specialist is that you seem to get half the chances to prove yourself during games, when in fact you are evaluated more often during training! So if you shoot at games during training or if you don't do your best because you are "just a defensive specialist", you shoot yourself in the leg.

Experience. Beyond Setter, Libero is a key leadership position. When we say that "Libero" is responsible for taking the field, we are not just talking about the pass, this player is responsible for the whole game: he covers the seam of the outside kicker, so that the kicker can get free soon and prepare for the punch, making sure that the other passer knows what seam he is covering and reminds the front row that they have to watch the short field. This requires understanding the big picture that comes with experience at a certain speed/level.

Resistance. The reward for bad play takes on a different meaning for defensive players, because these players are not point bombers. Unlike kickers who can turn a bad pass into a point with a good throw, Libero can only compensate for a digging fault by getting the next one. Mentally and physically, the team needs a strong Libero who can take kick after kick and never give up. Whenever a coach can put a player on the field who always thinks he can/will play next, this team can get out of the game quickly (without giving up too many points) and keep the field (by going on their own at serve, scoring points)!

In my own experience, the most difficult problem for a defense professional is the feeling of inadequacy for not being "Libero"... But the underwriter does not feel inadequate for not being an "outsider", just as the average does not feel inadequate for not being a "Libero" - the roles are different! It is easy to fall into a trap when you feel inadequate, but it is just as easy to avoid this trap because it is created by yourself. The key to being a great defender is to do your best, and not worry about the rest - you don't have to wear a different colored jersey to play a great game and enjoy the court! Give yourself permission to be in the moment and enjoy your teammates. There is only a certain moment in your life when you can compete as a top level volleyball player and that moment will pass faster than you think! More than anything else in the world, enjoy volleyball and give it your all.