Can landlords refuse an apartment if you have "too many" children?

Landlords own their property, so they can't do what they want with it? Can they kick me out if I have something that some might think is "too many" children?

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Landlords have a lot to say about who rents their property, and they don't always reveal why they refused to rent their property to the tenant. There are many reasons why a landlord may not want to rent their property to someone, and some of them are valid, but being a child should not be one of them.

So, is it considered discrimination if someone has too many children to rent a house or apartment, and the landlord only has the right to reject you because of the number of children you have? It sounds a little strange, but you might be surprised.

The simple answer is no. The landlord can't reject you because of the number of children you have. They can say no to pets, they can say no to smoking in their house, but they can't tell you that you have too many children.

There are many homes with several children living in the same room, and they are ideal for living. Having more than one child does not destroy the foundation of the house or reduce the resale value. The landlord doesn't care if 2 children share a room, or 3. It doesn't matter if you have a 50 inch TV or an echo point to play music. It doesn't matter if you have one.

What kind of rights do you and your children have

You and your children have as many rights as anyone else. You are a tenant, you pay good rent, and as long as you meet the monthly rent, you should be able to live without worrying.

Although the rules apply to everyone, they do not apply to children specifically. Therefore, if someone tells you to keep the children quiet, or your children cannot play outside because they are too noisy, it is not a legal or rational requirement, for that matter. As in any other case, be careful to keep the time of day when the noise is acceptable and let your children do what they do best. Just keep in mind that any damage to the house that needs extensive repairs will come from your damage deposit.

Your rights as a tenant

If you are unlucky enough to have a landlord who is trying to illegally evict you, there are some things you should know to protect yourself from intimidation tactics.

According to, as a tenant you have the right to a home that is well cared for by your landlord. This includes home repairs that are not caused by you or your children at the expense of the landlord, such as: room leaks, bad plumbing, electricity, and anything else that may be included in your rent that is not properly maintained.

It is the landlord's responsibility to keep the house in good condition and to make sure that all doors, locks, windows, etc. are in good repair for your safety.

Be sure to invest in your own safety by gathering information about the relationship between the tenant and the landlord, their obligations and rights. Protect yourself by knowing what your legal obligations are and who you are renting from.

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