8 signs that it's time for Mom to take a real break

The reality is that motherhood is exhausting, but there is nothing we wouldn't do for our children, but it is important to know when to take a break.

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We've all heard of tired, sleep-deprived moms, and it's become common to share stories about the many hats a mother has to wear these days. Of course, it goes without saying that parenting is a demanding and difficult role to play, and there has been an increased awareness of how important a mother's love and attention is when it comes to the healthy development of her children. Has the issue of being a tired mother become so common that it is being overlooked? It is quite possible. The reality is that motherhood is absolutely exhausting, but there is nothing we wouldn't do for our children. Our children are so dependent on the mother that it's important not to lose sight of the fact that mothers need to take care of themselves as well.

Scared Mommy reveals that Mommy's exhaustion is real, and it's important to recognize the signs that tell us Mommy seriously needs a real break. And Mommy says it's important that we don't wait for that break to happen before we do something about it.

Here are 8 signs that it's time for you to take a break.

Sleeping all the time

Being tired all the time is one thing, but if mothers have trouble keeping their eyes open and can fall asleep in a few seconds just by sitting down, it's a great sign of exhaustion. Falling asleep from sheer exhaustion means it's time for a real rest, a solid sleep and a little re-energization. This level of exhaustion not only affects the mother's physical, emotional and mental health, but also puts children at risk. Moms can't fall asleep at the wheel or when they're responsible for caring for children, so this must be nipped in the bud immediately!

Sick... Again

If you feel bad too often, you may be too tired and not paying enough attention to your physical health. Getting the right balance of nutrients from your meals and making sure you get enough rest is critical to your physical health, and when things start to get too slippery, your immune system will weaken. This makes mothers feel sick and is the body's way of telling you to slow down and pay some attention to replenishing your energy and health.

Anxiety begins to increase

Sleep deprivation, stress and the demands of an overwhelming schedule are some of the many reasons why a mother's anxiety levels begin to rise. If you're feeling incredibly irritable and your anxiety levels are skyrocketing over issues you could normally handle, it's time to take a step back and think about separating yourself from the endless list of tasks.

Emotional roller coaster

Physical and mental exhaustion can easily lead to emotions becoming overwhelmed and difficult to manage. If you're starting to feel like the bowl of cereal on the floor is enough to make you cry, or you're yelling at your kids for being too loud, but all they do is laugh and have fun... maybe, just maybe, it's time to take a break and force a real break. Maybe someone else can watch the kids for a few hours while you take some personal time, or take a nap in a relaxed environment.

Self-care has taken a serious backseat

Moms are so used to giving priority to others that self-care often takes a back seat, but there is a line that definitely needs to be drawn. If you have trouble showering for days, or can't find a moment to put on clothes that don't have food stains and markers all over them, you may be overdoing it.

Of course, it's understandable that motherhood means constant juggling and some days it can take you well into the afternoon before you can find some quiet time to shower, but if you can't even find those few minutes, it's time to reevaluate.

Mom's brain has been put to work very hard...

Mommy's brain is something real. Ask any mom, she'll tell you. As much as we joke about putting milk in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator, and waiting for toast from a toaster you haven't even plugged in yet, if these situations occur too often, or escalate in nature, it's your body's way of saying there's too much going on and not enough energy to run all of it.


The bathroom feels like it has been reclaimed.

When using the bathroom becomes a dream and you feel anxious to use the facility because your children constantly need your attention and supervision, it can be a sign that you are too overwhelmed. If you feel like locking yourself in the bathroom just to hear your thoughts, perhaps the constant noise and chatter of your children has reached a point where they have had to endure too much. All mothers need adequate space, and it doesn't have to be the bathroom floor.

She tells you.

For those friends, partners and family who are close to Mom, and even for the more mature kids who can read this, it's important to pay attention to what Mom says when she talks about her feelings too. Most mothers express a need to break up with someone close to them. It's a cry for help, so maybe watch the kids so you can meet your body's demand for a break.

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